Project progress and quality tracking with Verity
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Project progress and quality tracking with Verity

With the increase in complexity of structures and buildings due to modern demands like, material being used, density, aesthetics or multipurpose usages, building designers and owners have the responsibility to deliver fit to purpose and specification compliance structures. However, the biggest challenge is executing complete, accurate, rapid, and cost-effective validations of constructed features when compared to design models

Challenges with Current verification methods

The use of traditional equipment will normally offer varying degree of accuracies. The use of total station and tapes is time consuming and tiresome and not adequate for modern complex projects. These kinds of workflows are risky when verifying constructed elements as one is only able to check major elements while assuming the rest of the constructed elements are okay.

Verification with verity for Navisworks

With laser scanning poised to explode, the construction verification workflow with verity supports efficient processes of scanning making sure time gained during capture of as built conditions and reality data is not lost by efficiently complimenting the process that follow scanning.

Immediately the data is processed and registered, Verity software algorithms will automatically compare the design and fabrication models to the as-built condition captured. The software’s advanced algorithms will give an element-by-element analysis of the differences between the two based on the tolerances specified by the user enabling accuracy in tracking of the construction progress and quality.

Additionally, the software has a full integration with Autodesk Navisworks enabling elements in it to be displayed in Navisworks. The result is a user having a glimpse into how installation errors will impact work ahead, this is achieved by doing the normal clash detection procedures.

Verity supports efficient reporting options. The user is empowered to easily generate reports and share them with project team members on platforms like Autodesk BIM360 or as a HTML. As precisely stated by the manufacturers, it’s best to “Find mistakes before they become expensive problems”.

Written by Jason Savonge