Connecting office and field with Magnet Enterprise
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Connecting office and field with Magnet Enterprise

With the continued spread of the worldwide pandemic, Covid-19, the need to minimize physical contact among employees has grown exponentially, giving rise to a need for better collaboration between layout teams in the field and project teams in the office. Magnet Enterprise ensures both office and field teams are always in sync by offering a seamless connection to Topcon’s Magnet field application software and office products.

Magnet Enterprise goes beyond basic drag-and-drop functionality by offering a full, robust, and all-inclusive solution, differentiating itself in market.

Benefits of the features of Magnet Enterprise include:

  • Integration with Autodesk BIM360: Autodesk BIM 360 is a construction management tool built for all teams, offering web-based management of documents, models and drawings. Magnet enterprise offers cloud connection to BIM360, ensuring accurate information is available at the right time.
  • Ability to query points, distance and areas.
  • Map view: Visualize your project on a satellite imagery map and create georeferenced projects.
  • Customizable user role and permissions – members can be included or excluded from a project and can only see what the project manager allows them to see.
  • View connected devices – ability to quickly display all company assets.
  • Offers project-based structures.
  • Graphical activity reporting of field jobs – a graphical result is offered, illustrating the type of activity and percentage progress of tasks.
  • Real-time sessions directly from the project site, allowing for instant and intracompany communication among various stakeholders on the project.

Overall, this software saves time and improves efficiency by enabling ease of integration. With such tools available to the industry, there is every reason to jump on board with integrated digital engineering solutions.

Written by  Jason Savonge