Introducing wvOS to the world of Digital Twins!
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Introducing wvOS to the world of Digital Twins!

With offices in South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius and Nigeria, and a channel partner network spanning 48 African countries that serve over 20,000 continental customers, WorldsView successfully operates a business matrix across 54 African countries. They are one of the largest technology distributors in the make-build arena, with a specialisation in the Building, Infrastructure, Processes, Energy and Mining industries. Worldsview are Strategic Distribution Partners of Nextspace.

Our initial business challenge

Value-adding tools to operate and maintain Process and Plant facilities are hard to find, and do not usually meet all the customer’s requirements. This allows for an opportunity for us to create markets and offer tangible value to our customer.

Digital Twins have emerged as a rapidly growing technology, which the market now seems ready for. Historically, the need for a better strategy by diversifying our offerings and building our strength in this market segment has been of utmost importance.

Process and Plant data are becoming increasingly siloed and locked up in software applications. This gives rise to the need for an open data platform with more flexibility to deal with the various data complexities and multiple sources of data, as well as complex data structures commonly found in this industry.

The benefits of wvOS

What immediately attracted us to wvOS was the low-cost and low-barrier to entry. The functionality offered within wvOS spans a vast magnitude and at a competitive price when compared with other similar platforms. With our Process and Plant customers at varying stages of their data journey, we realise this is a critical component in assisting and joining our customers on their digital strategy.

Operators spend 30% of their time looking for validation documents and information to keep a Process or Plant facility running. wvOS will drastically reduce that time for customers and enable them to draw very quick conclusions as to what remedial actions are required. This type of rapid speed and data driven decision making, saves a facility huge amounts of time, effort and money.

Future of our business with wvOS

We see the future of our customers industries developing in 3 stages:

1) Human based decision making – which is where they are today;

2) Data assisted decision making – by bringing all their data together onto one platform so that it can inter-operate together and be easily accessible. This stage is where their interest currently lies and what we see wvOS facilitating;

3) Automated data-driven decision making – by standardising their data within wvOS, our customers become ready to start applying machine learning algorithms to their data. This gives them the ability to predict failures in their machinery or other operational areas, along with the ability to optimise through AI capabilities.