About Us
WorldsView Technologies is more than just a hardware and software distributor. Let us assist by supplying the industrial software you need to deliver exceptional results.
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Who we are


Established in 1999, WorldsView proudly celebrated 21 years of service in 2020.
Today, we proudly represent global leaders such as Autodesk, Nextspace and Terranova Security.


We have offices in 4 African countries (Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, and South Africa), with our channel partner network spanning 48 African countries and successfully serving a business matrix that incorporates 54 African countries and over 20 000 continental customers.


WorldsView endeavours to be the preferred distributor of choice in the make-build arena, for global technology brands looking to access African markets and for African channel partners seeking exciting and profitable business opportunities.

WorldsView endeavours to be the preferred

distribution choice in the make-build arena.

Working with us


The Why?

Population growth and rapid urbanisation have created an accelerated demand for products and infrastructure in Africa – a continent rich in resources, significant developmental challenges, diverse local languages, vast distances, and inconsistent political and legal systems. As Africans, we understand and appreciate this diversity and strongly focus on the needs of the people that shape, operate, and maintain our unique content.

The How?

At WorldsView we expertly facilitate the sale and integration of technology brands in digitalising workflow solutions that address make-build challenges. We firmly believe that the accelerated use of such world-class solutions positively stimulates and drive vendor, partner, and customer growth. The inevitable continental expansion inspires us!

For Who?

For our vendors, our business offering simplifies access to African markets. To create growth and profit for our vendors, we establish and manage a network of specialised partners who focus on challenges in the build, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, and mining sectors across Africa.


For our channel partners, we provide an easily accessible network to great brands, competitive pricing, simplified systems, passionate people, and subsequent growth.


For African firms who make and build on the continent, our channel partners facilitate integrated technology innovations that are expertly tailored to meet the unique needs of end-users and professionals to provide unparalleled speed and productivity gains. Our ‘fit for purpose’ solutions include brands such as Autodesk, Nextspace and Terranova Security software solutions, and are underpinned by platforms that enable effective collaboration and data sharing across projects life cycles.


We value every employee, vendor, channel partner and customer who allow us to work with them in pursuit of a better Africa for all.