Service Centre
Is your TOPCON equipment in need of maintenance or servicing? WorldsView Technologies is a licensed TOPCON service centre in South Africa.
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Service Centre


Servicing of Geopositioning Equipment in Southern Africa

To keep your geopositioning equipment working in optimum condition, we recommend routine calibrations and servicing.


Our service centre team is highly skilled and experienced across a full range of surveying equipment including total stations, rotating lasers, GNSS receivers and laser scanners.


At WorldsView, we understand that even the most robust equipment needs regular maintenance. Our trained technicians are on-hand to provide technical support and get you back to business as quickly as possible.


All our technicians are trained by the product manufacturer to give unrivalled technical expertise.


We provide on-site installation and support, as well as comprehensive product service, maintenance, and repairs via our local service centre, or through remote diagnostic capabilities.

What we offer


Laser levels

Our South African based service centre offers laser level repairs on all makes and models. If you need a quick calibration while you wait, or a full service and clean, WorldsView is your premier choice!

Automatic levels

We offer manual level and auto level servicing and repairs for all brands. We recommend a calibration every six months to ensure your equipment is working accurately and giving you results of the highest precision. Our team has decades of experience in servicing, calibrating, and repairing auto levels.

Total stations

We have many years of experience in calibrating and repairing total stations in our service centre. WorldsView offers repairs and maintenance for Topcon and geo-FENNEL total stations, and our technicians are trained by the manufacturers to ensure the highest standard of care for your instruments.

GNSS receivers

If your GNSS equipment needs servicing and repairs, look to our South African Service Centre to get your instruments back to work as fast as possible! From circuit boards to OAFs, antennas and more, our team is fully trained in repairing Topcon and geo-FENNEL GNSS equipment.


We provide guarantees for all our work and supply calibration certificates to meet your QA requirements. With the latest testing and diagnostic equipment, we can service and repair a wide range of geopositioning instruments to world-class standards.

Service, Calibration & Repair Procedure
  1. Receive Instrument
  2. Incoming test protocol
  3. Dismantle, lubricate, clean tribrach and foot screws
  4. Remove, dismantle, clean and lubricate both the Horizontal (Hz) & Vertical (V) drives
  5. Reassemble, replace & adjust both drives
  6. Remove focusing system, clean and lubricate focusing parts
  7. Remove, dismantle, clean and lubricate both the Horizontal (Hz) & Vertical (V) Axis
  8. Remove, clean and test keyboards and replace
  9. Service Program:
    • Adjust and redetermine the Tilt Sensor Values
    • Check and adjust the Transit Axis
    • Check and adjust the Angular Collimation System
    • Check and adjust the EDM
    • Baseline check and adjustment
  1. Outgoing Test Protocol
  2. Issue calibration certificate
  3. Release Instrument
Routine Care and Maintenance
  • Keeping your equipment as clean and dry as possible.
  • Always inspect your equipment for cracks or dents.
  • Clean your equipment as frequently as possible.
  • Cover your equipment when it is dormant for long periods of time.
  • Product manuals will cover specific procedures depending on the instrument in use.
  • Major damage can occur to survey equipment if it isn’t properly stored for transport.
  • Carry cases work to protect your instruments from outside dangers and minimise motion within the case to prevent potential damage.
  • It is important to store your case in a safe place when being transported in a vehicle and when the instrument is not in use.
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