Buildings Solutions
Looking to partner with an Autocad Software distributor? WorldsView Technologies supplies hardware and software including Autodesk, ClearEdge3D, and other industrial softwares.
Autocad software
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Buildings Solutions


There is a growing need for new infrastructure and housing to accommodate the rapid population growth and urbanisation within Africa. Along with the need for infrastructure and housing, Africa’s growing workforce requires more workspace.


Our Build division is focused on providing solutions that integrate traditional design and construction methods with digital systems to optimise overall design and construction methodologies.


The goal is to create more efficient construction procedures, reducing the design and construction time and cost, and reducing the carbon footprint associated with the construction industry through better management of building material and reduced wastage.

Construction Monitoring

Who will the workflow help?

Contractors and Surveyors Companies 

Personas-Construction project manager, Building Surveyors, Construction Layout and Quality Control. 

What problems will it solve?

What is  construction Monitoring? It is a service that provides verification that the works have been completed in accordance with specified requirements. 

Construction Monitoring workflow is a workflow that allows those involved with the construction of concrete floor slabs and concrete beams to ensure quality control of the elements through rapid analysis of Floor flatness, floor levelness and deflections.  

The Workflow utilises scanned data from the GTL 1000 multistation that can be imported into Autodesk Recap, processed to form a point cloud respresentation of the site. The hero product is Clearedge3D Rithm, which is an companion to Navisworks. Rithm allows the uses to quickly analysis the FF/FL of a slab and get the deflections for beams and slabs and get rapid results. 

What products are used in the workflow?

  • Topcon GTL-1000 Scanner
  • Autodesk Naviswork
  • Autodesk Recap
  • Rithm
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