Rithm- The software for concrete professionals
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Rithm- The software for concrete professionals

The need to provide quick, cost effective solutions to clients has become a basic requirement for any modern business to thrive. Laser scanning has become commonplace for those in the build industry for the sole purpose of being steps ahead. However, Smooth and efficient workflows cannot be achieved with just a scanner but with the right scanner like Topcon GLS2200 combined with easy to use, reliable and powerful software’s.

Rithm is software directly integrated with Autodesk Navisworks that gives professionals the power to analyze laser scan data of wet or dry concrete to perform automatic FF/FL analysis and generates industry-compliant reports faster and conveniently.

Why use Laser Scanning for QA/QC and FF/FL?


Laser scanning gives the power to a user to collect data needed for any analysis  at one time and do any reporting from that when need be. With ease of data collection and support of efficient s workflows, users are able to reduce costs and be more profitable as a laser scanner satisfies  all QA/QC needs.

QA/QC and FF/FL Current Workflow Challenges

Manual floor-flatness analysis techniques require one to wait a day or more to obtain a single report. The cost is normally very expensive per report with the  the delay in turnaround time leading to scheduling nightmares. Additionally current workflows only provide for dry concrete analysis only with the software’s being hard to access and tiresome to use. This software’s provide limited insights to analysis making them less efficient.

Improved workflow with Rithm for Navisworks

Rithm has a full integration with Navisworks which is an industry standard platform meaning one can QA floors with scan data right in Navisworks, this eliminates the need to spend time learning complex new software’s. It provides robust insights of flooring deviations with heat maps, contours and monitoring points. Rithm offers a variety of visualizations for insight you can act on. Use heat maps to highlight flooring, wall, and beam deviations immediately. Make cut and fill calculations to determine how much concrete needs to be added or removed. Analysis of both Wet and Dry Concrete is supported.

Rithm enables project members to perform FF/ FL analysis entirely in house without third-party contract work, so you can eliminate scheduling problems and deliver quality work on deadline.

Finally, the ease of communicating findings to all stakeholders is highly improved and effective with Rithm for Navisworks as it delivers accurate, industry-compliant ASTM E155 FF/FL reports easier and faster.

Written by Jason Savonge