Cyber Security
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Transform your employees into your company’s most powerful cyber security asset with Terranova Security

Watch video

World-leading phishing simulation and security awareness training

Get cyber smart with Terranova Security

Teach employees to recognise cyber threats

Learn the tactics that combat threats (phishing, ransomware, malware, social engineering, and more)

Ideal for companies of any size

Budget-friendly training that delivers proven results

Training programmes tailored to your organisation’s specific cyber security needs & objectives

A 5-step training framework developed over 20 years & continuously updated by cyber security experts

Train 50 employees for just $800 per year!
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    Create a cyber security mindset with Terranova Security

    The Click & Launch security awareness training programme enables you to:

    Easily distribute training content, enrol, manage & monitor participant progress

    Train employees, anytime & anywhere, with this cloud-based solution

    Create & deploy training programmes at the click of a mouse - you don’t need to be a technology or IT expert

    Cultivate a security-aware mindset, through immersive & fun gamified content

    Achieve favourable ROI with affordable bundles

    Why does my business need security awareness training?

    Suffer less downtime during a data breach

    It decreases the costs associated with data leaks & other incidents

    It makes your employees more confident & knowledgeable, capable of detecting & avoiding threats

    Communicate to customers & employees that your business takes data privacy & security seriously

    Get started with security awareness training today!
    Call us now on 010 040 3132 for more info or complete the enquiry form
    Whats in the box?

    With Terranova Security’s Click & Launch bundle, you benefit from:

    A baseline phishing test that tests your employees’ security knowledge & guides your company’s security awareness training strategy

    Access to Terranova Security resources & support materials, which aid in your programme planning

    Engaging, multilingual training content, offered in a variety of modules and formats, so you benefit from increased participation, reduced risks and changed behaviour!

    Phishing training modules, including real-world simulations, ideal for teaching practical know-how & tracking employee progressy

    Reinforcement tools that create more learning opportunities, with consistent, impactful messaging (newsletters, infographics, videos and more)

    Dynamic, real-time reporting that enables data-driven security decisions. Ensure your company is on track to meeting its security goals!

    Invest now in a secure future

    Reduce the human risk in your organisation with Terranova Security Awareness Training.

    According to cyber security experts, the average data breach costs South African companies close to R70 million, and it takes them almost 7 months to recover. In over 80% of incidents, the breach is attributed to human error (employees who are not cyber security-trained).

    Training employees to detect and avoid cyber threats costs you significantly less.

    Train 50 employees for just $800 per year!
    Call us on 010 040 3132 or complete the enquiry form

      Contact us to book a demo or to find out more!

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