Manufacturing Solutions
Manufacturing solutions are enhanced when using powerful 3D modelling software. WorldsView Technologies supplies industrial software like ClearEdge3D, Autodesk.
3D modelling software
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Manufacturing Solutions


With the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are seeing the convergence of various technologies in the manufacturing industry. These include sensors, algorithms and robotics in advanced manufacturing.


This calls for solutions that break the barriers of traditional manufacturing and show customers an era of digital manufacturing.


Our Manufacturing division develops tailored workflow solutions that are not only productive, efficient and cost effective, but promote new technologies and set direction towards Industry 4.0.


Choosing the right manufacturing software can help your team unlock its full potential for speed, productivity and quality, and that is exactly what our Autodesk advanced manufacturing products offer.

Complex Machining Simplified

Who will the workflow help?

CAM Programmers, Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Shop Floor Programmers and Managers. Machine operators who manufacture large-mold and dies as well as complex free form parts such as those found in Automotive, Aerospace and Defense. 

What problems will it solve?

The problem of XXX, resulting in YYY 

  • Part size and complexity being beyond existing CAM software capabilities resulting in the inability to produce quality parts. 
  • Improved data translation, model repair and collaboration 
  • Connected design and manufacturing 
  • Test, fit and function simulations more efficiently 
  • Performance enhancements in  
  • 3D offset toolpaths calculation time reduced on large parts.  
  • Large project opening and closing times reduction 
  • Faster adding of toolpath setups 
  • Reduce machine downtime 
  • Inefficient machining strategies containing excessive amount of air-cutting resulting in wasted resources and excessive machining times. 
  • Greater value with flexible access to leading edge technology  
  • The Need to produce parts that do not require manual polishing freeing up the labour force to do other things 
  • A great demand for improved precision and surface finishing resulting in the ability to increase your customer base and deliver more products.  
  • Fusion 360 provides a powerful suite of CAD modelling tools that can be used to help prepare CAD models for manufacturing processes. 

What products are used in the workflow?

  • PowerMill
  • FeatureCAM
  • PowerShape
  • PowerInspect*
  • Access to Fusion 360 at no additional cost 
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