Software vendors like WorldsView Technologies supply solutions like Autodesk software and ClearEdge3D in South Africa. Could you help get our software further into Africa?
Software vendors
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Our Vendors


Albeit daunting, we are simultaneously inspired and excited to be navigating this 4th Industrial Revolution we find ourselves in. Automation, data exchange, collaborative workflows and converging technologies are vital to coping with significant infrastructure and developmental challenges across Africa.


Based on Field to Office, Cloud Computing, BIM and Future-of-Making logic, we assemble purpose-configured combinations of these global technology brands as digitalised workflow solutions.


We can facilitate your adoption, implementation, and integration of geospatial (Esri), geo-positioning (Topcon), laser measuring and surveying equipment (geo-FENNEL), advanced design, and monitoring (Autodesk and ClearEdge3D) solutions to assist in effectively and efficiently addressing corresponding challenges.


These workflow solutions are tailored and optimised to meet the unique needs of professionals in the Build, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Process, Energy, and Mining segments across Africa.


Across our continent, WorldsView proudly represents Autodesk, Esri, ClearEdge3D, Topcon, and geo-FENNEL.

We encourage and welcome conversations with global technology brands and entrepreneurial visionaries who have an appetite for multifaceted growth.


If you share our passion for addressing the needs of the people who shape, operate, and maintain Africa, get in touch with us, let’s connect!